Harmony in 3D
Harmony in 3D




Your Opportunity

Your mind, body and spirit will be washed in waves of sound as you relax on a padded platform under an open geodesic dome. You will be touched only by music—no headphones, no human hands—pillow and cozy blanket are optional. 


Our Goal

Our goal is to assist you to relax and feel a re-alignment both physically and emotionally. The feeling of being washed from within results from invisible vibrations embedded in the platform and through mounted speaker boxes. We will listen as you explain your expectations. Then recommend music of different genres, instrumentation, and dynamic levels that may help you attain your personal goals.


If you are like most of us in regard to electronic equipment, we don’t need to understand the technical workings, we just want it to accomplish the task we are working on. The inventor of BETAR did the hard work. We will just put it to good use. Come sync in sound as you coast from frenzy to calmness. 

Wash away years of tension as you enjoy the mystery that music offers your mind, body, and spirit.

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